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Groblersdal is a small town in the Limpopo Province of South Africa.  It is also called the Loskop Valley and includes another small town called Marble Hall.

Lekkerbreek Guest House offers superb accommodation in Groblersdal and is a true haven for the tired traveler.  The official site for Lekkerbreek Guest House can be visited at www.lekkerbreekguesthouse.co.za.

Belinda and Johnny Woest are your hosts and will make you feel at home away from home.  There are lots of activities in and around Groblersdal and Marble Hall town visitors can take part in.

Lekkerbreek Guest House is conveniently situated close to the Bareki Mall where you can do shopping at Pick ‘n Pay Groblersdal.

The purpose of this blogging site is to introduce Lekkerbreek Guest House to the world out there on a more personal level than just having a website.  Getting to know your hosts and the area you will be visiting is necessary if you want to have a good stay.

Hopefully this blogging site will give prospective visitors and guests a good idea of what to expect and will give them peace of mind about the service they will receive from Lekkerbreek Guest House!

Lekkerbreek Guest House is operational for more than 10 years in the Loskop Valley and was one of the first guest houses in Groblersdal.  Times and the world around us changes fast and one of the areas we had to improve on was or is still our marketing.  The hospitality industry in South Africa and in Groblersdal is becoming increasingly more competitive, so one need to think on your feet and explore ways and means of getting your name out there in the open.

Our official website was only published a month ago although we were operational for more than 10 years.  Prospective visitors to the Groblersdal and Marble Hall areas can visit our official website at www.lekkerbreekguesthouse.co.za where you can find all our information.  You can also contact us on our official e-mail address from http://www.lekkerbreekguesthouse.co.za/index.php/contact-lekkerbreek-guest-house .

The official website can even be visited from your mobile device where it is perfectly readable as it is also a responsive design like our blogging site.  Through the website as well as the blogging site we will share ideas, recipes and hospitality tips and tricks that will keep our followers interested.

Thanks for reading our first blog and we hope to have many followers soon.

Ideal for Sport

Rugby at CVO Gromar


Lekkerbreek Guest House is the ideal place to stay when you need to bring your children to Groblersdal for any kind of sport event!  Not only do we offer the best prices for accommodation in Groblersdal, but also self-catering accommodation if the need be.

Parents have to pay a lot of money to support their children in any kind of sport activities.  There are several schools in the area that includes Ben Viljoen High School, Julian Muller Primary School and CVO Gromar.

Lekkerbreek Guest House is conveniently situated close to all of the above-mentioned schools and the major shopping centres in town.  We are a walking distance from Bareki Mall and Pick ‘n Pay and is approximately 3km away from all the schools.

Some of the major sport activities include athletics, netball, rugby and cricket throughout the year.  Lekkerbreek Guest House understands the costs involved for parents supporting their children in these activities, and therefore have special prices and/or packages for sporting parents and their children.

Other sport and leisure activities in the area also include bowling, tennis, golf, road running, car races and 4 x 4 driving routes.  If you are coming to Groblersdal for any of these activities or events, you can rest assure that you will get value for money.

For more information on these packages and prices, contact your host, Belinda Woest at 082 554 1370 or contact us through the contact page on our official website at www.lekkerbreekguesthouse.co.za.


Lekkerbreek Guest House

Lekkerbreek Guest House takes pride in the fact that we care about our clients and that we always make sure our guests are comfortable.  We take the needs of our guests very seriously.

To ensure that guests feel comfortable we offer the following services:-

1. Secure Parking
Having to stress about the safety of your vehicle is a growing concern in South Africa.  For that reason our guests are provided with secure parking under shade netting during their stay.  Access to the premises is controlled at all times so that guests can have peace of mind.

2.  DsTV
All rooms are equipped with DsTV and our guests will be able to watch some of their favourite channels during their stay.

3. Clean Linen
Clean and fresh linen as well as towels are provided for guests during their stay.

4. Coffee Corner
All of the rooms have a coffee corner where guests can make coffee as and when they want to.

5.  Dietary Needs
We make sure that the dietary needs of our guests are kept in mind with the preparation of breakfast, lunch packs and dinners.

6.  Availability of Hosts
Lekkerbreek Guest House’s hosts are available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.  Calls are always returned and the guest house can be reached through e-mail, telephone land line, cellular phone as well as fax.

7.  Maintenance
Our buildings and rooms are well maintained and is always need and tidy.  Rooms and rubbish bins are cleaned every day.

8.  Tranquility
Our garden offers a peaceful and tranquil environment where our guests can hear and sea the wonderful sounds of the surrounding bird life.

9.  Excellent Food & Beverages
Our guests can be sure to be treated like kings.  The food is always freshly prepared with the needs of the guests taken into account.  The menu includes a wide variety of choices to ensure our guests are receiving only the best food.

10.  Outside Breakfast & Dining
We can also provide breakfast and dinners outside for those guests who would like to prefer it.

11.  Client Services
Our effective way of dealing with enquiries, bookings and arrangements ensures that our guests get a fast and effective service.

Our services are complies to the highest standards and we always like our guests’ feedback.  We have a guest book that our guests fill in when they leave as to make sure we can always refer back to the services rendered.

Thanks for visiting our blog!  Hope to see you again soon!

Lekkerbreek Guest House Services

Chicken Pie

It is easy for any company out there to say they are the best in the hospitality industry.

There are many guest houses in Groblersdal and for that reason it is necessary for any guest house in Groblersdal to outline what makes them the better choice.  Groblersdal offers a wide variety of accommodation options which include camping.  Lekkerbreek Guest House offers both self-catering and catered accommodation in Groblersdal.

If you are however looking for a place where you will find the best food, Lekkerbreek Guest House is your answer.  We pride ourselves in that we take very good care of our guests and that the food is prepared with your needs in mind.

It is ideal for groups of people who need to travel to Groblersdal for business purposes.  Group bookings can be done by simply sending an e-mail to belinda@loskopbrokers.co.za or by visiting our official website at www.lekkerbreekgeusthouse.co.za and fill in the contact form.

Lekkerbreek Guest House offers the following services:-

  • Bed & Breakfast
  • Dinners
  • Laundry Services
  • Lunch Packs (if required)
  • Traditional and friendly hospitality

So what makes us so special?  We do not offer a service, we offer the friendliest service in town with the best food imaginable.  We take special care of our guests and make sure we set our tables in style for you to enjoy every meal to the fullest.

Our food is prepared with your needs in mind and we take special care not to serve you food you don’t eat or prefer.  Enclosed with this article is a picture of one of our favourite dishes, chicken pie!  Dinners as well as breakfasts include nutritional food that helps you to get the most out of your day.

The same meal is not given twice as to ensure our guests do not get bored with our menu.  You can choose a traditional breakfast with eggs, bacon and rushers or maybe you feel like having an omelet instead.

Lekkerbreek Guest House also offers lunch packs for our guest who request it.  Lunch packs are made up of a variety of food and is guaranteed to provide our guests with ongoing energy throughout their day!

Be sure to follow our blog to see what we offer and just what service to expect from us!